Solve Your Capacity Challenges with Non-Traditional Hires

"Everything that can be invented has been invented." This quote is often attributed to Charles H. Duell, the Commissioner of US patent office in 1899. We know this to be far from that truth and that new inventions are happening all the time and at a faster pace than ever. Just look at our cars, [...]


Work Life Balance; Possible? Do Organizations Have a Role to Play?

The art of integrating life and career is commonly called work-life balance and often equated with part time work schedules.  Successful integration of career and life is much broader then adjusting work schedules. Forward-facing organizations understand they have a role in assisting top talent with successful blending of career and life priorities, especially given the [...]


How Does Your Firm Measure Success?

More Results from our 2015 Anytime, Anywhere Survey We are enormous proponents of anytime, anywhere work programs. This past spring, we conducted our 2015 Anytime, Anywhere Work Survey and began publishing the results in an ongoing blog series (read the “big picture” results here and the benefits firms are realizing with flex here). In the [...]


Managing Partner Minute

Capacity, The Great Resignation, and Strategic Growth We are kicking off this inaugural Managing Partner Minute where we’ll pause to share the top trends, leadership ideas, and musings ConvergenceCoaching Partners want to share with our Managing Partner clients and friends. Our goal will be to include a Managing Partner Minute blog once a trimester with [...]


Are Your Talent Resources Spread Too Thin?

December is planning season in accounting and consulting firms, a time when we look ahead to “what’s next” in the new year. As you envision the future, we expect that the talent needs of your business will rank high on your priority list.  Specifically, be sure to identify and communicate the top three things you’d [...]


Leadership Spotlight: Mark Koziel CPA, CGMA

This month, we have the amazing opportunity to learn more about our friend, Mark Koziel who is the AICPA’s Vice President – Firm Services & Global Alliances. Mark oversees the development, ongoing improvement and delivery of services to members in PCPS/Firm Practice Management as well as International relations with various CPA-related groups. Prior to joining [...]


Happy Holidays!

In our family, we celebrate the joy of Christmas at this time of the year.  I’ve been preparing for it this week by writing our annual Christmas letter, purchasing gifts for the kids and other family members, and creating the menu for our family meals.  While I’ve been engaged in this holiday preparation, I’ve been contemplating the spirit, [...]


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