Inspired Ideas Podcast - Episode 9: Generous Leadership: Driving Trust and Empowering Growth with Amy Vetter

Episode 9 of our Inspired Ideas Podcast series features a discussion between Jennifer Wilson, ConvergenceCoaching Partner and Co-Founder, and Amy Vetter. Amy is a CPA, Yogi, Technologist, Keynote Speaker and CEO of The B3 Method® Institute. In this episode, Jen and Amy explore the theme of generosity in leadership. Together they explore why generosity matters [...]


It Isn't Too Late to Redeem Your Team's Trust in You

Trust is an intimate word, isn’t it? Merriam Webster defines trust as an “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.” To trust someone is to have confidence in who that person is. The words in the definition above that stand out to me are character and truth. To be trusted, [...]


Maintaining Rapport and Trust In a Virtual World

“The foundation of the client relationship is in jeopardy.” “How can I build rapport with someone if I’m never face-to-face with them?” “I need to shake someone’s hand to feel related to them.” When we talk about moving toward a more remote service and staffing model and embracing Anytime, Anywhere Work™, we often hear objections [...]


Building A High Trust Organization

Building A High-Trust Organization In my previous blog, Do You Have A High-Trust Organization, I explored the benefits of building a high-trust organization and identified areas you can assess to determine where you may need to restore trust.  In this post, I’ll share some potential solutions you can implement to build a high-trust organization. Below [...]


Do You Have a High-Trust Organization?

At ConvergenceCoaching, we can’t seem to stop talking about trust. This, despite the fact that partners in firms across the country continually tell us, “There are no trust issues here!” or “Our partners trust each other (and our employees trust our leadership team, etc.).” However, trust is more than being “honest” or ethical. When you [...]


Extend Trust First

As I prepare to lead a workshop with a Top 100 CPA Firm next week entitled, “I Trust You (Sort Of).  Do You Trust Me?”, I’m asking myself:  Why are we talking about trust?  Is this simply the latest business “fad” or a concept that deserves our serious attention?  In our work helping CPA and [...]


Rebuilding Trust - It Starts With Forgiveness

In my last blog, I explored developing trust with others, and now will consider those situations when trust has eroded and we are seeking to rebuild a trusting relationship. We can’t rebuild trust in a relationship until forgiveness occurs. To forgive, you have to be willing to give up your feeling of being wounded. [...]


Building Trust - What It Really Takes

As we move into this new year and new decade, one of the things that seems definite for us is change.  As my colleague, Tamera Loerzel, explored in her blog Who Are You Going to Be In The Face Of Change, whether it’s our economy, our government, our weather patterns, the foods we eat, or [...]


Giving Trust As A Holiday Gift

This holiday season, I have been exploring the possibility of giving something that is intangible but still valuable and long-lasting.  So many of the clients that I have worked with recently have been dealing with issues of trust.  I decided to use some of the knowledge that I have learned and applied professionally in a [...]


Convergence Spotlight: Beth Gibbs

Our Convergence Spotlight is featuring Beth Gibbs, our recently promoted Operations Manager. Beth joined us in December 2019 and leads our CPE compliance, LMS and sales processes and systems all while handling many tasks necessary to keep our firm operating efficiently. You might even see her from time to time moderating one of our numerous [...]


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