A Season Of Peace

My “grown up Christmas wish” this holiday season is peace and healing – in our nation, our lives, our businesses, our schools, our families – in our world.  No matter what holiday you are celebrating this season, as we welcome in 2013, let’s pray for peace.

And, as a leadership coach, I know I must ask myself the question, “What can I do to bring more peace to our world?”  Sometimes it feels daunting or that my measly little efforts won’t make a difference – or at least not have the size of impact that I’d like them to make.  Yet, I know I am a pebble in a pond whose ripples can reach far.  So, in the New Year, to bring peace to our world I commit to:

  • Accept others and appreciate their gifts, talents and strengths and their weaknesses and areas for improvement (because I have them, too)
  • Speak and act with compassion, seeking to understand
  • Be open and look for opportunities to learn
  • Treat all with whom I come in contact with respect and dignity
  • Empower and lift others up, helping them to achieve their goals and dreams
  • Forgive, even (most especially) when I think I’m right

As a holiday gift to you, I’d like to share one of my mom’s favorite songs that we sang as I was growing up.  It is a YouTube video of Let There Be Peace On Earth performed by Vince Gill with a special surprise guest.  I hope you enjoy the music, the beautiful images and the wonderful quotes by some of our world’s most inspirational leaders.

Will you join me and commit to further peace in our world in 2013?  What actions or new behaviors can you engage in to do so?I look forward to sharing a world with you full of love, hope and peace.

Happy holidays and peace be with you!