Tamera_colorcloseupblog As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday this week, it seemed only appropriate that we stop and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.  To follow my own advice from my blog, It Will All Come Together, I asked my colleagues to make a list and share what they are thankful for.  Even with the uncertainty many of us have experienced this year, I am profoundly moved by the many blessings we have in our lives.  Here are few of the highlights:

  • Amy Denman - This Thanksgiving, more than others in the past, I am thankful for my kids and that my husband comes home from work every night. My husband is an officer in the US Air Force, so I am acutely aware that we could be spending this holiday season apart, as so many of our friends are doing.  I thank God he is home, with us, and I pray for the safety of all our troops and friends overseas.  Many of my military friends are spending this holiday season separated from the ones they love.  I am thankful for all the military families who cannot spend the holidays with their loved ones in order to protect and defend our wonderful country.

    So, this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my fabulous, spectacularly unique family and that we are together and present to our love for each other.

  • Jen Eby - I am thankful for the group of wonderful people I work with. Working for ConvergenceCoaching has given me the opportunity to develop knowledge in a wide number of areas.  It is a great inspiration to be surrounded by such intelligent, hard working, loving co workers!  Also, I am so thankful for the love and support from my husband, boys, parents and grandparent give to me. I am thankful for good health and wisdom I have been given. Being loved by so many people is much to be thankful for!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  • Jen Wilson - I am thankful for the grace and love of God, the beauty and wonder of this planet, my best friend and husband, Brian, my children and the privilege of leading and loving them, my loving parents and siblings, my incredibly talented team (see the blog Not Me - Us) and our inspiring and courageous clients, my health and my ability to still run and play hard as I enter the magical world of mid-life.  I am super blessed!
  • Krista Remer - As I reflect on all I have to be thankful for, the “regulars” come immediately to mind, like my husband and loving extended family, my “angels” (two Maltese dogs), my job and terrific colleagues and friends… But, beyond that, I am so blessed to have a multitude of things that others around the world and even our own country do not.  I have a roof over my head, water to drink without fear of disease, my freedom to worship God as I choose, and many other “luxuries.”  What a privileged life I lead, indeed!
  • Lisa Spear -I am thankful for my past, as it has provided me with so many opportunities and made me who I am today.  I am thankful for my awesome husband and extended family.  But most of all I am thankful for my three beautiful children who make me a better person each and every day. I am truly blessed…
  • Michelle Baca - Meister Eckhart  said, “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.”  In the past two weeks, I have been making a conscious effort to begin and end each day with thoughts of gratitude.  I am thankful for so much around me and in my life that I couldn’t possibly express all the gratitude that is in my heart but here is a little sample of the things that I feel tremendously thankful for. I am thankful for the great honor of raising my smart, independent, gorgeous five-year old daughter with my loving husband and our amazing families who are the “village” that help us take good care of her. I am thankful for the amazing team at ConvergenceCoaching that I get to make a difference in the world with. And I’m thankful that I have perfected the art of making my own soy lattes, which will be saving me thousands and thousands of dollars in the years to come!
  • Ruth RichterI am very thankful for my family, especially my loving husband and best friend, Bob, and my two amazing sons.   I’m also thankful for our IT business, ROI Consulting, Inc. that turns 12 on December 1st and ConvergenceCoaching, LLC that turns 10 in April.  Both provide us great, enjoyable careers and livelihood.  Most of all, I am thankful for the guidance, presence of mind and support I receive from my faith in God and my parents who have shown me to have faith.
  • Sylvia Lane - I am unconditionally thankful for everything that is taking place in my life right now. Even those testy and challenging things also come from my spiritual Source.  There must be some positive learning that will eventually show itself.  Thank you, God, for all that is and for all that is not.  I do indeed feel blessed.
  • Tamera Loerzel – In his sermon on Sunday, our pastor defined gratitude as “an expression of joy for the gifts we’ve received.”  I am joyfully grateful for my husband and three extraordinary children – who are the best gifts that God has bestowed on me – along with our extended family who helps us raise them. I am also thankful for my ConvergenceCoaching colleagues that I get to make a difference in the world with every day. Lastly, I have profound gratitude to be healthy and alive in our wonderful country, the US of A, and for the men and women who make freedom a reality!

We are also thankful for our clients and colleagues – we are truly grateful for our relationship with you!  What are you thankful for?  Post a comment and share your gratitude with us – we’d love to hear from you and spread the positivity of all our many blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving,