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The ConvergenceCoaching, LLC consulting team has extensive experience in leadership management, talent development and succession, firm growth and strategy, and sales and marketing. Working together, we apply our market-focused strategic planning, in-depth tactical implementation expertise, and our passion for teaching to help our clients make the leap forward as proactive, collaborative and strategic leaders. To learn more about any our ConvergenceCoaching, LLC team members, simply click on their name.

We’re proud to have our team members recognized across various awards and honors in the profession, including:

  • CPA Practice Advisor Accounting Hall of Fame
  • CPA Practice Advisor Top 25 Thought Leaders
  • Accounting Today Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting
  • AICPA / CPA Practice Advisor Most Powerful Women in Accounting
  • INSIDE Public Accounting Top 10 Most Recommended Consultants
  • Accounting Today Top 100 People to Watch
  • BDO Alliance Michael G. O’Hare Award
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Our Core Values

We believe that all organizations should clearly identify and communicate their shared values so that their team members, potential team members, clients, prospects, vendors, alliance partners, and others will know what they stand for and for what they are willing to be held accountable.

At ConvergenceCoaching, LLC we’ve identified ours.  We value:

  • Making a genuine difference for others through “doing”
  • Maintaining intimacy, integrity, and complete communication in all of our relationships
  • Living and working out of our faith and spirituality
  • Having fun

Have you defined your values?  If so, do ours align with yours?  If you haven’t defined your values, click here to read a blog post that will help guide you in doing so.

Our Team

Does your firm have a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy?

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