More than 60% of respondents in the 2022 Anytime, Anywhere Work (ATAWW) Survey provided home office or remote work equipment or reimbursed team members for it, but only 14% covered some or all of staff high-speed internet costs. These results reflect a “one foot in and one foot out” mindset. Firms need to step up to ensure that team members have consistent and efficient experience no matter where they work. 

“We realized that it’s worth it to spend the money to make sure the technology setup is working well on both ends. To ensure that team members are as productive from home, we offer all team members a monthly technology stipend and also ensure that everyone has access to peripherals like multiple monitors and keyboards. The firm upgraded to an internet-based phone system that rings right through your computer or cellphone.”  

Jessica Freiburg, CPA, Managing Partner of Sassetti LLC

Exhibit: Home Office or Remote Costs Reimbursed 


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