The 2022 ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC Anytime, Anywhere Work Survey™ closed with the top ten actions firms can take to maximize their remote and flex offerings. This blog post expands upon recommendation #1: 

Determine your positioning on Anytime, Anywhere Work (ATAWW) and ensure that leadership messages consistently reflect it 

  • Clearly define your programs and offerings 
  • Weave ATAWW positioning into everything talent related, including recruiting, HR policies, and firmwide messaging 
  • Get “synced up” on your messaging as an organization and as individual leaders and consider driving to an increasingly progressive strategy 
  • Stop giving mixed messages about ATAWW. Don’t let your people make up their own messages or policies or be off message. Create a list of the things that leaders should say about ATAWW, as well as a list of things that shouldn’t be said  

Sample can-say messages 

  • On my engagements, I’m focused on your results, delivering quality and timely work to the client, and staying in communication as a team. I’m less worried about when and where you produce the work when we’re meeting those goals 
  • Let’s be sure that we hold weekly check-ins with each other as this project progresses, and that you’re doing the same with the staff, so that we can be connected and on the same page  
  • I’m excited that you’re coming to the holiday party in person and am looking forward to seeing you in 3-D form. I’ve appreciated getting to know each other so well through our bi-weekly online huddles 
  • Managers, please be sure to check in with the team members you are assigned to at least every two weeks. It’s such an important part of our connected culture 

Sample can’t-say messages:  

  • I’m not sure your long-term career path will be the same when you’re working remotely or working part time 
  • How will we collaborate if you’re not in the office?  
  • Learning is harder in a remote setting 
  • We need to show a presence in the office to send the right message to staff 
  • I’m worried what remote and flex work are doing to our culture 
  • I can’t work remotely and can’t understand how anyone else can, either 
  • Our new staff and interns need to be in the office to learn the accounting profession, have visibility with managers and partners, and effectively communicate 

At ConvergenceCoaching, we say “manage the message or the message will manage you.” Use these can-say and can’t-say messages to craft a messaging guide for your leaders. Be 100% responsible for getting them aligned and on message!

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