Sylviablogphoto Today, we watch the people of Japan as they recover from a major earthquake, a tsunami, and nuclear radiation exposure.  Some of us may wonder how they have been able to survive and go forward.  Since the recent disasters, we have learned that they had planned ahead for such a disaster with regular drills and practice about what to do in case of an emergency.  Even though the disaster was much worse than their plans could ever anticipate, the preparedness training they undertook saved many lives.  

Life seems to regularly offer us major changes.  Fortunately, they are not all disastrous.  Unexpected wealth and abundance, a new love in our life, or an unimagined success that takes place in our career all require that we CHANGE.   I’ve been contemplating how we prepare for UNEXPECTED CHANGE in our lives and have a few ideas to share that can help us each ready ourselves:

  1. When facing a significant change, reach out to the people who have been there for you before in good times and in trying times.  Stay in touch with your support system and communicate your needs, concerns or joys.  Be there for them, too, when they are in need.
  2. Don't let yourself stay in shock from an unexpected change – good or bad.  Accept that you are in the place that fate has intended and you are there at the right time.  You can only live in the present moment.  Make a decision about your next move.  For example, if you receive a big promotion, be joyous.  Begin to plan and strategize how to demonstrate your effectiveness.  Find a mentor who can help direct your activities.
  3. Let go and let God.  Take time to connect to your Higher Power and turn over anything that could hold you back or obstruct your path as you move forward.  When I pray and meditate, I am often surprised at the profound answers I receive even before I have clearly asked a question. 
  4. Travel light so you can move faster With life changes, you will learn to release old baggage.  This may mean giving up material possessions that you once highly valued.  It may mean giving up relationships that are toxic to you.  I talked with a woman recently who had lost her home and her car.  Through the process of something most of us dread, she discovered more creativity in her thinking and more freedom in her relationships and work life, which gave her more joy than she had ever experienced.
  5. Connect with others who are also prepared for changes.  If you pay attention at the office, in your neighborhood, in your friendship group and also in your family, you’ll likely discover many people who are changing something similar to the changes you’re experiencing or intending.  Beyond the sensationalism that we see and read in the daily headlines, there are many groups that are coming together to share and support each other.  Just as the people of Japan have tapped into the heartstrings of the planet, you may discover evidence of these positive connections very close to you as well.  Lynne McTaggart has just released a new book called The Bond, which speaks to this human longing for unity and how those that do come together thrive. 

Recent times have brought about major disasters.  We tend to pay more attention to things that frighten us than to things that bring us joy.  Take time and notice the many positive, healing changes happening around you as well.  An abundance of joy can also be unsettling when we feel unprepared.  Get ready to receive and embrace the good, too.

Let us know how you plan for change - both the blessings and possible disasters.  We’d love to hear from you!

With Warm Regards,