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Emily Brantz is a Consultant and Project Manager at ConvergenceCoaching, LLC, a national consulting firm dedicated to developing leaders and transforming teams through coaching, practice consulting, strategic planning and learning and development.
May 4 2022

Don't Be the Borg: Onboarding is NOT an Assimilation

2022-05-04T14:23:29-05:00May 4th, 2022|Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership, Recruiting, Retention Strategies|

“We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.” -The Borg, Star Trek Sounds eerily like some kind of red-flag, hazardous onboarding speech, doesn’t it? Onboarding a new team member is often [...]

Feb 24 2022

Converegence Spotlight - Sarah Sims

2022-02-24T11:47:45-06:00February 24th, 2022|Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership|

Today’s Convergence Spotlight features Sarah Sims, Program Coordinator. Sarah joined us in November 2021 and coordinates the many administrative aspects needed to keep our leadership development programs, primarily our flagship program the Transformational Leadership Program™ (TLP), running smoothly. Sarah is a vibrant, charismatic person who willingly jumps in to try something new with enthusiasm and [...]

Feb 16 2022

Show Them Some Love

2022-02-16T12:07:45-06:00February 16th, 2022|Inspired Ideas Blog|

To some this may be a surprise, others not at all, but I grew up loving and performing on the stage. I performed in summer musical theater programs, church theater programs, sang in several choirs, and played numerous instruments. While my performances look a little different in adulthood, my skill to randomly turn a mundane [...]

Nov 10 2021

Convergence Spotlight - Samantha Mansfield

2021-11-10T11:10:25-06:00November 10th, 2021|Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership|

Today’s Convergence Spotlight is featuring Samantha Mansfield, Senior Consultant. Samantha joined us in October of 2019 and is a key facilitator and coach in several of our private and public leadership and advisory programs. Samantha is a smart, compassionate go-getter with a keen eye for details. She is also our resident history buff. She has [...]

Sep 7 2021

Convergence Spotlight: Beth Gibbs

2021-09-07T10:41:06-05:00September 7th, 2021|Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership|

Our Convergence Spotlight is featuring Beth Gibbs, our recently promoted Operations Manager. Beth joined us in December 2019 and leads our CPE compliance, LMS and sales processes and systems all while handling many tasks necessary to keep our firm operating efficiently. You might even see her from time to time moderating one of our numerous [...]

Aug 6 2021

Convergence Spotlight: Rebecca Galloway

2021-08-06T11:02:16-05:00August 6th, 2021|Inspired Ideas Blog|

This Convergence Spotlight features Rebecca Galloway, our newest team member! Rebecca joined us in May of 2021 as the Marketing and Program Coordinator at ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC. Her responsibilities range from managing our website to coordinating logistics and communications for our Leadership Development Program for Seniors and Supervisors™ (LDP-SS) and our Client Advisor Program™ (CAP) and [...]

May 4 2021

Using the Force to Evade Burnout

2021-05-04T11:34:17-05:00May 4th, 2021|COVID-19, Inspired Ideas Blog, Personal Development|

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” … it is a period of social distancing, moving deadlines and changing regulations within the Profession. Although a vaccine has been released to the masses, talent has been driven to intense levels of stress and a tipping point may be approaching. The evil lord Burnout, [...]

Feb 3 2021

Administrators are People, Too!

2021-02-03T15:21:15-06:00February 3rd, 2021|COVID-19, HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Blog, Remote Work / ATAWW, Web/Tech|

Ok, I have to come clean. I have been triangulating and think it is time we had an honest conversation about remote work and your administrative team. During the pandemic, firms moved their people to remote work but in many cases, remote work applied to “everyone but the admin team.” And, because I am a [...]

Sep 16 2020

I’ve Been Hooked

2020-09-16T12:01:27-05:00September 16th, 2020|Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership, Personal Development|

Hobbies have never been something I lacked but fishing has a special place in my heart. It triggers a plethora of memories, from my grandpa driving a rental boat at the Lake of the Ozarks to catching my first fish myself in a pond in Copper Mountain and learning to fly fish from my husband. [...]


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