Believing is the first step in achieving what you want in life. As Norman Vincent Peale taught, “If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it you can become it.” At ConvergenceCoaching, we actively use visualization because it is one of the most powerful ways to fulfill on your dreams and accomplish your goals.


Achieving what you want in life begins with a positive, can-do orientation and “seeing” your dreams and goals realized.  When you visualize what you want to accomplish, you conjure a mental image of yourself realizing those results.  Kind of like day dreaming, you intentionally draw a mental picture of yourself, achieving the goal you have in mind.  Using the power of positive thinking, you can use your mind, body and imagination to envision and feel a desired result. By focusing on what the end result will look like and feel like and then taking actions consistent with that image, you can gain power over negative self-talk, doubt and worry to achieve your dreams.


Each year, we use visualization and the power of positive thinking in our annual team planning meeting.  Our next planning meeting is just around the corner the first week of November.  In that meeting, we’ll create our vision for the upcoming year and identify  the services we’ll provide, the type of clients we’ll be working with, the difference we’ll be making for them, and what each of us will be doing to achieve that vision. Once we can see it, we can then identify the actions we need to take and make a plan to accomplish it – and more often than not, we do!


Visualization and the power of positive thinking aren’t just ideas to use in our work, either.  Instead, we live it and that includes teaching this powerful skill to our kids. What better way to grow a generation of transformational leaders than to teach our children lessons they can apply in school and sports and then have those skills in the workplace.  I was creating material for a session on the power of positive thinking and my 13-year old daughter had just moved up to the varsity dive team after only four weeks of diving. Exciting, yes!  But also intimidating!  In her first varsity meet, my perfectionist eldest daughter came in last place and spent a little while being crushed by disappointment.  That’s when I encouraged her to use visualization to improve her diving performance.  She had to first believe she could execute the dive, seeing her body do the dive with perfect timing and correct technique, and feeling what it would be like to do that dive.  At the next meet, she nailed the dives and when I asked her what changed, she said, “I saw myself happy as I was getting out of the pool.”


That’s the power of positive thinking – of really believing. And it’s completely accessible to you when you take the time to visualize yourself achieving your dreams. 


What do you want? What are your dreams?  What is your vision for the future?  Take the time to imagine and it and then believe it’s possible.  Then you’ll achieve it. 






“Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade.”  ~ Norman Vincent Peale