As we wind down for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we’re reminded of the tremendous blessings bestowed upon our team. In this blog, we’ll share some of the things for which we give thanks.

First, we are blessed with EPIC careers -- working with bright, inspiring, change-ready, difference-making leaders and piloting new strategies, programs and ideas. Our work life is AWESOME!

We give thanks for our trusting, smart and committed clients who encourage honest relationships, give us the highest privilege of hearing and considering our guidance and who daily embark on this get-better journey with us. We are also grateful for our clients’ sharing of best practices, raising the bar on our profession’s performance through their generosity.

We feel so fortunate to work in an era that allows us to integrate our work and lives. We are so grateful to work from home (when we’re here), to fit work into quick trips with family and quick trips with family into our work, to be able to attend our children’s functions and our parents’ appointments during our workdays and to have the technology, flexibility and team support to make it all work.

We are truly grateful for the genuine friendship and love that we share as a team. Sharing our hopes and dreams, praying for each other’s challenges, working collaboratively to serve our clients and laughing along the way, we give thanks for the bonds we share as a team.

We feel so blessed to be active and wellness focused, to be able to exercise regularly (I am so grateful that I can run!!), and to have the stamina to travel and deliver our work across the miles and time zones. We are grateful to be given the drive needed to deliver our services in compressed work periods so we can meet the needs of our clients during their proactive periods. Thank God for our health!

We give thanks for our great nation, the bounty and beauty of our country and the many places that we call home (California, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin). We stand in awe and gratitude for the bravery of the men and women of our armed services, our police, fire, rescue and healthcare workers who all work tirelessly to maintain our freedom and security. We give thanks for our nation’s educators who raise our collective wisdom.

Most of all, we give thanks for our families – our treasured spouses and children who support us and sacrifice time with us so that we can pursue our purpose. We are grateful to have married such fun and loving people and to have been blessed with children/step-children who so openly reflect what they see in us, driving us to be better leaders and role models at home, too.

We give thanks to God for all of these blessings and too many others to list. What are you grateful for this holiday? Post back and share your joy and appreciation with us. We’re interested!

Happy Thanksgiving!