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How to Better Elicit Upward Feedback

Many benefits arise from embracing a people-centric culture. People that feel like their employer cares about their well-being and their thoughts and ideas about the firm, too, are typically more engaged and motivated in their daily work. Part of this people-centric culture includes a commitment to ongoing learning and development. Stretching that commitment across every [...]

Leadership Spotlight: Pete Miller, CPA, CFE, Shareholder, Clark Nuber

May 2015 will mark Pete Miller’s fifteen year anniversary with Clark Nuber, a 2014 Inside Public Accounting Top 200 Firm located in Bellevue, WA. Pete manages a number of audit engagements in various industries from manufacturing to technology and construction. His specialties include employee benefit plan audits, internal control audits and fraud investigation and prevention [...]

2019-10-29T08:51:20-05:00March 25th, 2015|Communication, Leadership, Personal Development|

Stop Giving Away Your Services!

As far as we’ve come as a profession, we still encounter CPAs who struggle to bill for services delivered (and/or time incurred) beyond the scope of their original engagement. And, young people are not being taught the valuable skill of managing scope and resetting expectations with overruns, so the issue perpetuates. Even worse yet, your [...]

2015-03-18T10:34:38-05:00March 18th, 2015|Client Retention, Communication, Sales|

What Does Your Firm Expect From Your Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Programs?

In our spring survey on the adoption of flexible work initiatives within public accounting firms, only 47% of respondents indicated that they have a written policy in place for their anytime, anywhere work programs. When we asked for advice that firms with flex programs had for others, or lessons they’d learned, 27 firm respondents related [...]

Put Me In, Coach! Grooming Your Future Leaders For The Major League

Happy March! The “new” year is moving quickly and spring brings a lot of great things: relief from an unusually bitter and prolonged winter, the home stretch of another busy season for our CPA firm clients and friends, the start of our traditional ConvergenceCoaching busy season, a renewed sense of urgency to achieve that beach-ready [...]

Convergence Spotlight: Renee Moelders, Consultant, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC

Please help us welcome the newest member of our team, Renee Moelders! As you may know, every six weeks we feature profession leaders in our Leadership Blog Spotlight. This personal-story series gave us the idea that it might be nice to give our readers an opportunity to know each ConvergenceCoaching, LLC team member and their [...]

2019-10-29T08:52:03-05:00February 26th, 2015|Leadership, Personal Development|

Is Your Firm Leaving Potential Leadership Successors Behind?

Firms around the country are struggling to recruit and retain experienced professionals to serve their clients. Partners are nearing retirement and many don’t have clear successors in place to ensure their firms keep running. Given the need for talent, we should leave no stone unturned in our quest to identify our next generation of leaders. [...]

Practice Mindfulness To Achieve Your Vision

In our future-oriented world, I find it helpful as a coach to borrow from the Buddhist meditation philosophy and practice mindfulness. Dr. Elisha Goldstein describes mindfulness in one of her blogs as “being aware of what lens we’re wearing when looking at life, so we can be more intentional.” She notes that when people suffer [...]

2015-02-11T14:35:14-06:00February 11th, 2015|Leadership, Personal Development|
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