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Why Do You Care Where I Work? Six Reasons to Go Virtual

If you've followed the posts in our Anytime, Anywhere Work (ATAWW) blog miniseries, you've read the summarized results from our survey, the benefits firms experience from ATAWW, the performance measures firms are using and the wisdom and advice shared by our respondents. In this post, we'll share the top reasons why firms must adopt a [...]

Making the Most of Every Opportunity

Wow! The last time I wrote this blog was August 2014. It certainly doesn’t feel like five months ago. During that five-month span, work was accomplished, travels were completed, holidays were celebrated and goals were achieved. But 2014 is all a blur now and I am amazed to realize it is already the end of [...]

2015-01-29T11:29:36-06:00January 29th, 2015|Leadership, Personal Development|

Last Night’s Game: Tackling Succession Head-on

If you didn’t watch last night’s College Football Playoff National Championship game, you’re probably not aware of the Ohio State Buckeyes and the unique story of their quarterback, Cardale Jones. Jones started the season as a third-string player, only to find himself as the starting quarterback at the national championship game, up against the Oregon [...]

Leadership Spotlight: Sarah Johnson Dobek, Founder and President at Inovautus Consulting

We have had the privilege of working with Sarah Johnson Dobek in a variety of capacities, but mostly through our membership with the Association for Accounting Marketing and The CPA Consultants’ Alliance where she serves on the board as the chair of the Marketing Committee. Sarah helps public accounting firms to grow – faster and [...]

2019-10-29T08:52:20-05:00January 7th, 2015|Communication, Leadership, Personal Development|

Anytime, Anywhere Work™: The Wisdom and Best Practices of Others

“What one piece of advice would you give other firms planning to offer any form of anytime, anywhere work program?”   That’s the final question we asked in our spring survey on the adoption of flexible work initiatives within public accounting firms. And, in this fourth blog in a six part series, we’ll explore the [...]

There Is No Try!

I've written several blogs on the power of giving – and asking for – by-when dates. However, it can be common to hear a little word get in the way of commitments — the word “try.” I’m amazed how much the word “try” shows up as I go through my day. My kids say, “I’ll [...]

2014-12-12T13:59:19-06:00December 12th, 2014|Communication, Leadership, Personal Development|

What Is Your Reality?

I was struck by an October article published in the New York Times entitled, “What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?”, highlighting some of the research conducted by well-known psychologist and Harvard professor, Ellen Langer. My mother (a long-time advocate of promoting mindfulness in your daily life) had sent it to me because its [...]

2014-12-03T13:55:16-06:00December 3rd, 2014|Communication, Leadership, Personal Development|

Everyday Gratitude

As I contemplated writing our blog for Thanksgiving week, I was reminded of all the things I’m grateful for that I think are worth mentioning because they likely resonate with many of you: My loving husband and children, family and friends My colleagues and clients and the privilege of making a difference in the work [...]

2014-11-25T09:56:24-06:00November 25th, 2014|Communication, Leadership, Personal Development|

Anytime, Anywhere Work™: Measuring Something Other Than Time

This is the third installment of our blog series on the results of our survey on the adoption of flexible work initiatives within public accounting firms. We heard from 99 distinct firms and, in two prior blogs, we’ve shared the Survey Results and the Benefits of Anytime, Anywhere Work. In this post, we’ll explore respondent [...]

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