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Jun 19 2012

Implementation: The True Talent

2019-10-28T17:55:41-05:00June 19th, 2012|Guest Blogger, HR/Organizational Development, Leadership, Personal Development|

Implementation and/or execution – a couple of my favorite topics. You (a CPA firm leader), often go to a conference to gather new ideas and learn about current trends in the CPA profession.  While at the conference, you begin to actually get excited about some of the ideas and begin to visualize how the idea [...]

Jun 13 2012

Work Life Balance; Possible? Do Organizations Have a Role to Play?

2019-10-28T17:51:39-05:00June 13th, 2012|Guest Blogger, Leadership, Personal Development|

The art of integrating life and career is commonly called work-life balance and often equated with part time work schedules.  Successful integration of career and life is much broader then adjusting work schedules. Forward-facing organizations understand they have a role in assisting top talent with successful blending of career and life priorities, especially given the [...]

May 1 2012

Mother's Day

2019-10-28T17:09:51-05:00May 1st, 2012|Guest Blogger, Personal Development|

This guest post features a good friend of our company, Patrick Spear. Patrick is the President/CEO of GMDC|Retail Tomorrow. I have some good friends – a husband and wife team, I’ll call them Tony and Kim – that own a very successful small business in Nashville.  Tony travels quite a bit, driving revenue and customer [...]



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