Sep 13 2021

HR Huddle: Being Open to Feedback

2021-09-14T08:55:16-05:00September 13th, 2021|Communication, HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast, Leadership, Personal Development|

In the September 13, 2021 HR Huddle Tamera Loerzel and Jennifer Wilson address asking for and receiving feedback. In particular, Tamera and Jen encourage leaders to ask for the feedback, thanking your team members or team for the feedback and asking additional questions in a non-defensive way so you foster innovation and creativity within your [...]

Sep 10 2021

Leadership Lunch Chat: Tackling the Feelings of Overwhelm

2021-09-13T14:28:22-05:00September 10th, 2021|Inspired Ideas Podcast, Personal Development|

In the September 10, 2021 Leadership Lunch Chat, Jennifer Wilson and Amy Vetter confess their feelings of overwhelm and provide strategies for leaders to employ today and into the future, including taking responsibility, questions to ask yourself and your team, and the importance of exercise and meditation. Be sure to join us next Friday at [...]

Sep 3 2021

Leadership Lunch Chat: Visualize the Future of Your Firm by Embracing Change

2021-09-13T14:24:44-05:00September 3rd, 2021|Inspired Ideas Podcast, Leadership, Remote Work / ATAWW, Web/Tech|

In the September 3, 2021 Leadership Lunch Chat, Jennifer Wilson and Amy Vetter talk about a variety of change initiatives including creating capacity, automation, and remote work. They encourage viewers to visualize their firm the positive outcomes change and disruption brings like automating tasks to create capacity in your firm, becoming a beacon for talent [...]

Aug 27 2021

Leadership Lunch Chat: Creating a Generous Onboarding Experience for Your Team and Clients

2021-09-01T16:35:26-05:00August 27th, 2021|HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast, Leadership|

Onboarding isn’t only for your team, you also need to onboard your clients to ensure success! In the August 27, 2021 Leadership Lunch Chat, Amy Vetter takes the lead and discusses the onboarding experience to ensure your team and clients are successful and understand the values of your organization with a clear plan and goals! [...]

Aug 23 2021

HR Huddle: How Personality Assessments Can Help Develop Your Team

2021-08-24T09:18:41-05:00August 23rd, 2021|HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast|

With the focus on recruitment, talent development, and team work, consider using personality assessments to support your efforts. Tamera Loerzel and Samantha Mansfield explore the virtues and pitfalls that can come from using these assessments. Personality assessments can help firm leaders and team members gain a better understanding of themselves and each other, increasing comradery, [...]

Aug 16 2021

HR Huddle: Emergency Measures to Help Support and Manage Fall Busy Season

2021-08-17T16:20:39-05:00August 16th, 2021|HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast|

The accounting profession is in the midst of busy season. It is crucial for HR professionals and talent leaders to remind their top talent to leverage and delegate their teams throughout this time to avoid burnout. In the August 16, 2021 HR Huddle, Jennifer Wilson and Samantha Mansfield address the necessity of managing capacity within [...]

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