Nov 6 2013

Five Ideas to Grow the Top Line

2013-11-06T17:32:52-06:00November 6th, 2013|Leadership, Marketing|

While I’ve been working with firm leaders in retreats and coaching calls this past year to ensure they have an engaging culture that retains and develops their best and brightest people, we have also been focused on growing the top line so that firms offer growth opportunities and have room to make new partners. Below [...]

Jun 5 2013

Stop Struggling to Find Your Firm’s Social Media ROI

2019-10-16T09:54:41-05:00June 5th, 2013|Guest Blogger, Marketing, Social Networking, Web/Tech|

We all want to measure social media’s return on investment (ROI); but, because it is rarely the last marketing touch point before a conversion (sale), it may be hard to accurately track its direct impact on your marketing efforts. In measuring your firm’s social media marketing ROI, assumptions may be made because there is often [...]

Jan 31 2013

Start Using Twitter To Develop Thought Leadership

2013-01-31T10:00:11-06:00January 31st, 2013|Communication, Marketing, Social Networking, Web/Tech|

Start Using Twitter To Develop Thought Leadership Twitter is often a misunderstood social media platform – especially in business.  However, Twitter has unbelievable power and reachthat can build credibility and thought leadership for your firm in your targeted niches, industries and specialty services.  My partner Jennifer Wilson shared five of the important Twitter benefits in [...]

Jun 27 2012

Close More Ideal Business by Selling to Target Accounts

2021-03-05T08:40:42-06:00June 27th, 2012|Client Retention, Marketing, Sales, Social Networking|

Anyone who walks in the door willing to engage your services is not necessarily the next RIGHT client. Conceptually, most of us agree with that statement.  However, very few of us practice this in reality - especially given the slow recovery from our recent economic downturn and the struggle many firms are experiencing retaining their clients [...]

Jan 18 2012

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet: What's The Question?

2012-01-18T11:42:14-06:00January 18th, 2012|Marketing, Social Networking|

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet:  What’s The Question? Twitter ( has a bad rap.  Most of us think of it as a platform that celebrities use to share meaningless information about their most recent meal or to promote their latest product.  But the application has unbelievable power and reach – all at your fingertips [...]

Jul 13 2011

What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

2019-10-29T08:24:47-05:00July 13th, 2011|Marketing, Succession|

The AICPA’s Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) group has again conducted a survey in which they asked their members to reveal their most significant struggles.  The PCPS “Top Issues” lists are published based on firm size – from sole practitioners to 21 or more professionals.  There were differences in the results based on firm size, [...]

May 3 2011

Networking Starts At The Airport

2011-05-03T22:23:57-05:00May 3rd, 2011|Marketing|

I was sitting in the Minneapolis airport Monday morning when a colleague from Lansing, MI, came over and said hello.  Then I turned around and two other colleagues from a local Minneapolis CPA firm said hello, too.  We were all on our way to the BDO Seidman Alliance Conference in Las Vegas, and it was [...]

Nov 17 2010

Find out How to Serve Your Clients Better this Busy Season

2019-10-29T08:27:41-05:00November 17th, 2010|Client Retention, Communication, Marketing, Sales|

Many of our CPA friends will be meeting with a large number of clients over the next several months.  To maximize this face-to-face time, take the opportunity to find out how your clients feel they are being served, what your team may be able to do better, and what additional services you could provide them [...]


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