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Nov 18 2021

Goal Achieved! Now What?

2021-11-18T11:15:27-06:00November 18th, 2021|Inspired Ideas Blog, Personal Development|

A year ago, I was wondering if I should set a big, hairy audacious running goal. I’ve been running and racing regularly for over 15 years and have piled up my share of 1 mile, 5K, 10K, 10-mile, Half Marathon and Marathon race medals. My goal has always been to beat my last time on [...]

Nov 18 2021

Congratulations to the ConvergenceCoaching® 2020-2021 Fall Transformational Leadership Program™ (TLP) Graduates!

2021-11-18T09:39:37-06:00November 18th, 2021|Leadership, Our Latest News, Personal Development, Transformational Leadership|

For Immediate Release: Bellevue, NE, November 18, 2021 - ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC, a national leadership and management consulting firm that helps public accounting and consulting firms achieve success, is proud to announce the 2020-2021 Fall Transformational Leadership Program™ (TLP) graduating class! Tamera Loerzel, Partner and TLP coach, congratulated the graduates for their accomplishments and perseverance completing [...]

Oct 7 2021

An 8-Minute Guided Meditation

2021-10-07T13:57:00-05:00October 7th, 2021|Inspired Ideas Blog, Personal Development|

Take a deep breath and read these words: That part of you that cannot be wet with water Or blown by the wind Or struck with a stick Or burned by fire Do they make you pause? Do you find yourself searching for an answer as if this were a riddle? Or perhaps, just for [...]

Oct 1 2021

Leadership Lunch Chat: Strategies to Be More Mindful in the Workplace

2021-10-04T10:10:03-05:00October 1st, 2021|Inspired Ideas Podcast, Leadership, Personal Development|

In the October 1, 2021 Leadership Lunch Chat, Amy Vetter discusses how many are struggling with overwhelm and explores how to practice mindfulness every day to learn to be present, take control of uour mental health, and leave a positive impact on others. Be sure to join Amy Vetter and Jennifer Wilson next Friday at [...]

Sep 13 2021

HR Huddle: Being Open to Feedback

2021-09-14T08:55:16-05:00September 13th, 2021|Communication, HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast, Leadership, Personal Development|

In the September 13, 2021 HR Huddle Tamera Loerzel and Jennifer Wilson address asking for and receiving feedback. In particular, Tamera and Jen encourage leaders to ask for the feedback, thanking your team members or team for the feedback and asking additional questions in a non-defensive way so you foster innovation and creativity within your [...]

Sep 10 2021

Leadership Lunch Chat: Tackling the Feelings of Overwhelm

2021-09-13T14:28:22-05:00September 10th, 2021|Inspired Ideas Podcast, Personal Development|

In the September 10, 2021 Leadership Lunch Chat, Jennifer Wilson and Amy Vetter confess their feelings of overwhelm and provide strategies for leaders to employ today and into the future, including taking responsibility, questions to ask yourself and your team, and the importance of exercise and meditation. Be sure to join us next Friday at [...]

Jun 15 2021

Balance: A Practice, Not a Privilege

2021-06-16T08:54:12-05:00June 15th, 2021|Inspired Ideas Blog, Personal Development|

As seasons of life come and go, priorities inevitably change. A couple of years ago, I was establishing myself in my career; learning all that I could and applying it, pining to become a valuable, difference-making member of my team. While that ambition still exists within me, the season of my life has shifted. Since [...]


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