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May 31 2023

Maximizing Our Remote Learning Opportunities

2023-05-31T14:19:37-05:00May 31st, 2023|Inspired Ideas Blog, Remote Work / ATAWW|

Remote and virtual learning activities are commonplace today. In fact, some people prefer the convenience and accessibility that these activities offer. But many have commented they miss the focus and engagement of being in-person for their learning activities. At ConvergenceCoaching®, we conduct learning in person and remotely and have learned that remote learning requires an [...]

May 4 2023

Making a Case for the Holodeck

2023-05-04T11:12:49-05:00May 4th, 2023|Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership, Remote Work / ATAWW|

Holodeck noun a chamber or facility in which a user can experience a holographic or computer-simulated physical environment, popularized by the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction As a lifelong Star Trek fan, I often wonder about what life would be like with access to a holodeck. The ability [...]

Mar 30 2023

Debunking Myths about Remote and Blended Work: You CAN Develop Real Relationships and Connect

2023-03-30T10:25:04-05:00March 30th, 2023|Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership, Remote Work / ATAWW|

Recently, I had the opportunity to hug my colleague, Beth Gibbs, for the first time. Beth is our Operations Manager who has been at ConvergenceCoaching for 3.5 years. Because we’re a remote organization with team members working from home and living around the country, and because Beth lives in Wisconsin and I am in Massachusetts, [...]

Feb 6 2023

HR Huddle: 2022 Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survey Findings - Remote and Flex WORKS!

2023-02-14T10:07:47-06:00February 6th, 2023|HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast, Remote Work / ATAWW|

In the February 6, 2023 HR Huddle, Jennifer Wilson and Renee Moelders discuss the encouraging (even WOW!) findings from our 2022 Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survey and areas to improve and expand on based on the results. Join us live every Monday at 4:15pm CT/5:15pm ET to explore the latest trends in talent management and HR! [...]

Jan 30 2023

ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC Releases their 2022 Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survery Results Summary

2023-01-30T12:21:17-06:00January 30th, 2023|Our Latest News, Remote Work / ATAWW|

For Immediate Release: Bellevue, NE, January 30, 2023-  ConvergenceCoaching®, a completely flexible national leadership and management consulting firm that works exclusively with accounting firms and the associations that serve them, has announced the release of their 2022 ConvergenceCoaching® Anytime, Anywhere Work™ (ATAWW) Survey Results Summary. In its sixth edition, the ATAWW Survey examines the adoption of [...]

Jan 24 2023

Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survey 2022 Bonus Content: Leadership Messages

2023-01-27T13:52:01-06:00January 24th, 2023|Inspired Ideas Blog, Remote Work / ATAWW|

The 2022 ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC Anytime, Anywhere Work Survey™ closed with the top ten actions firms can take to maximize their remote and flex offerings. This blog post expands upon recommendation #1:  Determine your positioning on Anytime, Anywhere Work (ATAWW) and ensure that leadership messages consistently reflect it  Clearly define your programs and offerings  Weave ATAWW [...]

Jan 24 2023

Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survey 2022 Bonus Content: Remote Service Enablers and Evolutions

2023-01-27T13:52:39-06:00January 24th, 2023|Inspired Ideas Blog, Remote Work / ATAWW|

The survey results showed solid gains in the use of some technology enablers to improve remote client service delivery.  Firms are taking definitive actions to promote and expand remote services to clients.  Exhibit: Actions to Promote and Expand Remote Services We asked firms what actions they took to expand the use of remote audits.  Exhibit: [...]

Jan 24 2023

Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survey 2022 Bonus Content: Home Office or Remote Cost Reimbursed

2023-01-27T13:51:39-06:00January 24th, 2023|Inspired Ideas Blog, Remote Work / ATAWW|

More than 60% of respondents in the 2022 Anytime, Anywhere Work™ (ATAWW) Survey provided home office or remote work equipment or reimbursed team members for it, but only 14% covered some or all of staff high-speed internet costs. These results reflect a “one foot in and one foot out” mindset. Firms need to step up [...]



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