In the last few weeks, I have attended several events in which various groups were celebrating the fall harvest.  I began to notice how these seasonal cycles are similar to the many changes that take place in the workplace.  In this blog, I wanted to share these similarities so we can all consider what we’re doing to tend to business this fall.

First, we begin with the SEEDS OF THOUGHT.  This is our vision of what we want to create.  It could be something entirely new or a change in the work that we are already engaged in.  For example, I began a new public relations plan for a community group that has had success in the past.   I drew upon this experience and added new actions, which is like TURNING THE SOIL, using what is there as a base and adding to it.

Next, we must PLANT THE SEEDS in a healthy environment.  We also need to look at possible barriers to growth, such as weeds, that we may need to remove.  In the workplace, we need to foster a healthy, positive environment for our ideas to thrive and grow and identify any “weeds” or impediments that we should release or reassign.

Once we properly plant our seeds, we must continue to NOURISH them and expect positive results, even before seeing plants appear.  To help our perseverance and patience, we can create a timetable based on our past experience for a realistic expectation for results.  This will help us to stay committed to our idea and give it a chance to flourish.  In business, we have to establish the vision and goals and create a realistic plan and timetable for implementation.  Then, we can get to work.  With my public relations plan, I made phone calls to local news media, created press releases, and scheduled personal appearances at community mixers.  Now, I must wait with patience and confidence while I NOURISH these ideas with active follow-up.

Eventually, just as we begin to see the full bloom of the seeds come forth, we make plans for HARVESTING.  This involves cultivating the final product and collecting the seeds to be replanted in the future.  How often have we allowed a successful project to end with cheers and joyous celebration without using the knowledge and energy to propel us forward to the next engagement or project?  We should remember that within each seed there is the potential to create many gardens and we should have processes and communication mechanisms in place to share the bounty and new seeds with others.  Soon, we may notice that our SEEDS OF THOUGHT are showing up in many different places and flourishing far beyond our own expectations.  I can’t wait to see the results my public relations plan produces and I’m already making plans for sharing the knowledge and contacts I’ve gained with others.

What seeds are you planting and nourishing that will help your practice grow and flourish?    Please post a comment and share with us the “seeds” that you are planting and the results of your efforts!


Warm Regards,