For Immediate Release:
Bellevue, NE, June 8, 2021 - ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC, a national leadership and management consulting firm that helps public accounting and consulting firms achieve success, is proud to announce the 2020-2021 Spring Transformational Leadership Program™ (TLP) graduating class!
Jennifer Wilson, Co-founder, Partner and TLP coach, commends the graduates for their achievements and determination. "We are especially in awe of this group of future leaders. Our graduates exemplified what it means to be strong and resilient – truly unstoppable -- throughout the pandemic. All through the program we’ve been discussing the changing landscape and business model and our TLP graduates will now play a vital role in shaping a new, better way of leading and managing their firms and clients going forward. These leaders will lead the way in initiating change."
Renee Moelders, Partner and TLP coach, also applauds the graduates, saying, "We are thrilled to recognize this group of leaders and their accomplishments throughout the TLP program. It is truly astounding how the TLP leaders identified ways to overcome obstacles during a highly challenging year and found their paths to success. We are proud of them for fostering a positive firm culture while also meeting the needs of their clients and colleagues. The future is bright with these leaders at the helm!"
Participants ended the TLP by coming together for the final remote roundtable. Each graduate gave a short presentation about their TLP journey and what’s next as they look toward the future.

Congratulations to the following 2020-2021 Spring TLP graduates:
  • Floriana Allen, Manager, Wiss & Company, LLP
  • Robert Bell, Senior Accountant, Gardiner + Company
  • Brett Breedlove, Director, Katz, Sapper & Miller
  • Amanda Buford, Manager, Weinstein Spira
  • Tammy Daitch, Principal, Janover LLC
  • Carl Duffy, Partner, BerganKDV
  • Chris Gagliardi, Partner, Janover LLC
  • Travis Gilmer, Senior Manager, Brown Edwards & Company LLP
  • Andy Johnson, Principal, Cover & Rossiter, PA
  • Karris Kimball, Tax Manager, BA Harris LLP
  • Blake Miller, Auditor, Gardiner + Company
  • Ashley Mowery, Director, McGowen, Hurst, Clark and Smith, PC
  • Chris Murray, Senior Manager, Brown, Edwards & Company, LLP
  • Steven Neher, Partner, Cordell, Neher & Company PLLC
  • Jonathan Roller, Partner, Lumsden McCormick LLP
  • Renee Salcedo, Manager, Grimbleby Coleman, CPA
  • Michele Schneider, Audit Senior Manager, Caler, Donten, Levine, Cohen, Porter & Veil, P.A.
  • Christy Stein, Principal - Service Line Lead, Cooper Norman
  • Christine Taylor, Office Managing Director, Huberty CPA's
  • Jayme Terrell, Director of Growth and Communications, Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund
  • Kim Thome, Director of Accounting, Huberty CPAs
The Transformational Leadership Program is a one-year accelerated "finishing school" for CPA and consulting firm new partners and emerging leaders. The TLP focuses first on individual mindset and behavior to drive change in thinking and personal responsibility, followed by strategies and actions to prepare them to lead their firm into the future.
In addition to completing the 2020-21 Spring program, ConvergenceCoaching just kicked off our Spring 2021-22 program with another group of emerging leaders, which will be delivered in a blended remote and in-person format. Our Fall 2021-22 program is now open for enrollment.

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