Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

I am passionate about

  • Being organized to ensure productivity, reliability, and increased creativity
  • Having a growth mindset to innovate solutions
  • Collaborating with diverse personalities to produce an awesome end result

What makes me whole

  • Enjoying the company and laughter of my family and friends
  • Standing front row at a music festival
  • Traveling, baking, and photography

My Prior Professional Endeavors

I was a Senior Assurance Coordinator for MCM CPAs & Advisors LLP where I provided internal support to our Assurance, Consulting, and Valuation teams, by managing workflows, preparing client deliverables, providing technical and quality reviews, and supporting the behind-the-scenes operations.

Inspired Ideas Blog

Sep 13 2023

Lasso Leadership Lessons

Inspired Ideas, Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership, Personal Development

We have all heard the saying "nice guys finish last." Most would label the “nice guy” as one who is overly pleasant, the one who doesn't like to step on toes, the salesperson who is too soft to close the deal, or the person who suppresses their own needs to please others. The “nice guy” […]

Jun 22 2023

It’s “Just” a Four-Letter Word

Inspired Ideas Blog, Personal Development

I have a handful of four-letter words that I should focus on eliminating from my vocabulary but for the purpose of this blog, I will focus on just one of those. The word “just” can be used to describe the timing of recent event such as “I just won a million dollars,” or “I just […]

Nov 10 2022

The Remote Extrovert

Communication, HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Blog, Personal Development, Remote Work / ATAWW

When the world shifted to a more remote and blended work environment, I was overjoyed! I was gaining back precious commuting hours every week with my family, my carbon footprint was shrinking, and so were the piles of laundry! Over the course of two years, I shifted from a hybrid work model to being fully […]