A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, but because it has a song.

I am passionate about

  • The use of the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator® to assist client groups in more effective planning.  It focuses on four basic areas — knowledge of how we direct and receive energy, how we take in information, how we decide and come to conclusions, and our overall approach to the outside world.
  • Helping individuals and groups make effective changes in their personal and professional lives with a consistent focus on action planning and tangible results.

What makes me whole

  • Writing poetry and golfing any chance I can.
  • Living where lots of other people vacation – Southern California. The ocean is like a guru to me — sitting and listening to the breaking waves reminds me that there is constancy in the universe that is so much more powerful and special than any personal problem I may be dealing with.  The best treatment for anxiety is to breathe in the ocean air and recognize that “NOW IS THE ONLY TIME THERE EVER IS, AND RIGHT NOW, I AM OK.”

My Prior Professional Endeavors

  • I have taught clinical social work, human services, and psychology to undergraduate and graduate students and I’ve also worked in both private and public organizations in positions of leadership.
  • I maintain a part-time practice in psychotherapy and clinical consulting primarily in the healthcare industry.
  • I completed my doctoral work with protégés of Carl Rogers, the father of the “person-centered” approach to psychology and have maintained this principle as my focus – starting with the needs and goals of the client as the center of planning.

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