Remote Work Advocates Seek Flex Trends in the Midst of COVID-19

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Bellevue, NE, June 25 – ConvergenceCoaching®, a completely remote, flexible national leadership and management consulting firm that works exclusively with accounting and consulting firms, has announced the launch of the 2020 ConvergenceCoaching Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survey (the ATAWW Survey) today. In its fifth edition, the ATAWW Survey examines the adoption of remote and flexible work practices in accounting firms across the country.

“The need to ensure the health and safety of talent and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a rapid shift to remote work in firms around the country,” stated Renee Moelders, Partner at ConvergenceCoaching. “As students of remote and flexible work programs, we are fascinated by the changes occurring due to COVID-19 and are planning to use this year’s survey to learn more about what worked during firms’ almost-overnight transition to remote work and what should be preserved as firms begin to re-open offices, too. Those who have participated in the survey in the past, or studied the results, will see an expanded survey this year because of the crisis. 2020 saw the rush to remote, and we intend to help firms learn more about the future of remote and flexible work from this survey.”

Participation in the ATAWW Survey allows firm leaders to benchmark their current program offering against other accounting and consulting firms around the country. Results of the survey are shared with participating firms, along with best practices and strategies to drive successful adoption of remote and flexible work policies.

“Over the last six years, we’ve seen a gradual shift toward more remote and flexible work. While the pandemic has many negative impacts, we’ve also seen an encouraging acceleration toward remote and flexible work acceptance, as well as a new focus on delivering more remote services to clients – by firm leaders and traditionalists alike,” said Jennifer Wilson, Co-founder and Partner at ConvergenceCoaching. “Sadly, we believe there are also many traditional firms that are still working together in the office, which feels risky for their people,”
continued Wilson. “As we launch this survey, our insights are anecdotal. We’re anxious to gather hard data and learn what’s happening now and what firms expect to happen in the next 18 months related to remote and flexible work across the profession.”

Originally released in 2014, the 2020 ConvergenceCoaching Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survey launches today, June 25, 2020. The survey is designed for one person per accounting and consulting firm – usually the Managing Partner or an HR professional – to complete information about their firm’s practices. The survey will be open for input through July 31, 2020. The survey collects data on the adoption of Anytime, Anywhere Work™ programs (remote and flexible work programs) by accounting and consulting firms, as well as both positive experiences and challenges firms face with these initiatives. The data is used to identify trends and best practices and is published in various publications and educational presentations. Participants will receive a copy of the Survey Results Summary at the end of October 2020.

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ConvergenceCoaching, LLC is a leadership and management consulting firm whose mission is to help leaders achieve success. Since its inception, ConvergenceCoaching has operated as a 100% flexible and remote organization with unlimited PTO and its assets in the cloud (before it was called the cloud). With its Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Services, ConvergenceCoaching helps firm leaders develop strategies and approaches to successfully implement flexible work programs and move away from traditional work values of “face time” and mandated office hours.

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