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Bellevue, NE, January 30, 2023- 

ConvergenceCoaching®, a completely flexible national leadership and management consulting firm that works exclusively with accounting firms and the associations that serve them, has announced the release of their 2022 ConvergenceCoaching® Anytime, Anywhere Work™ (ATAWW) Survey Results Summary. In its sixth edition, the ATAWW Survey examines the adoption of flexible work practices in accounting firms across the country.

"The theme of this year’s report, ‘Borderless Reach, Boundless Opportunity,’ reflects the amazing differentiation and employee engagement firms are seeing in their ATAWW programs," stated Renee Moelders, Partner at ConvergenceCoaching. "In this tight labor market, firms must create workplaces to attract and retain diverse talent. The survey shows that many organizations are investing in a remote and blended strategy for hiring talented people wherever they live. The firms who are furthest ahead are less concerned about where and when people are working and increasingly interested in creating the right capacity and building an empowered, trusted team."

The 2022 Anytime, Anywhere Work (ATAWW) Survey Results Summary is a comprehensive document that outlines significant findings and trends from the ATAWW survey, along with best practices and strategies to drive the successful adoption of remote and flexible work programs. The 2022 survey featured a series of questions exploring ATAWW programs as well as remote client service, non-traditional staffing strategies, and cultural shifts required. Some interesting findings include:
  • 95% offer remote auditing, and the percentage who performed more than half their audits away from the client site soared to 54%
  • 83% of firms allow Admin and Ops to work remote or blended
  • 81% who employ remote talent hired a "stranger" outside their geography (up from 38% in 2020)
  • 73% don't dictate when extra hours are worked (no more mandatory Saturdays)
  • 19% offer Unlimited PTO
  • 12% close the office between Christmas and New Year's
“We're incredible advocates for remote work and workplace flexibility because of our own success working this way for 23 years, ” said Jennifer Wilson, Partner and Co-Founder. "It’s clear to us now that firms must progress their flexibility ‘profile’ and teach their leaders to embrace these new ways of working including asynchronous scheduling, truly anywhere work and non-traditional hiring. The survey shows that the best firms are running down the path to a highly flexible model, and those not making progress will find it increasingly difficult to attract and retain the best and brightest” continued Wilson.
The full Survey Results Summary can be downloaded here. In addition, we collected more interesting data that could not be included in our Survey Results Summary, Click here to access our Anytime, Anywhere Work Bonus Content page.

About ConvergenceCoaching, LLC

ConvergenceCoaching, LLC is a leadership and management consulting firm whose mission is to help leaders achieve success. Since its inception, ConvergenceCoaching has operated as a 100% flexible and remote/blended organization with unlimited PTO and its assets in the cloud (before it was called the cloud). With its Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Services, ConvergenceCoaching provides education and helps firm leaders successfully implement flexible work programs and move away from traditional work values of “face time,” mandated office hours, and the 'onsite meeting' to successfully serve clients.

To help your firm's leaders shift to an Anytime, Anywhere Work paradigm, we have developed Remote and Blended Work How-To Videos designed to be shared with your team members in smaller, manageable segments and leveraged over time to ensure that all team members benefit from new ways of thinking and working.

To learn more about the survey results, check out the Accounting Today podcast or purchase the webinar recording for "Remote and Flex Work Survey Findings" from November 2022.

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