Wow! It is hard to believe that on April 1, our ConvergenceCoaching team celebrated our 16th anniversary. What a wonderful and blessed journey we’ve enjoyed so far!

Since co-founding our firm with my dear friend, Jim Metzler to growing to an 11-member team focused on making life-changing differences for our clients, I am so grateful for our many blessings.

We often talk about finding your “sweet spot” in your career, pursuing those things that fire you up and keep you passionate and engaged. We hear a lot of clients say their sweet spot is in building relationships with their clients and then finding ways to add value to their business as their advisor. Those relationships go beyond the professional realm for many, and are an integral part of their career fulfillment. We hear others who really love developing people, and find a lot of joy in seeing team members emerge as future leaders.

At Convergence, we’ve found our sweet spot in the work that we get to do every day, which includes building relationships with fantastic clients and developing people - both our internal team members and team members in the firms that we work with. We LOVE working with our clients – helping them address their challenges, pursue big hairy audacious goals, and push themselves and their teams to produce the unimaginable. We love working together to address trends that we’re seeing within our clients and the profession. We love working as a team to pursue our company’s mission. And, we love that we get to do all of these things while running a completely virtual, completely flexible model, allowing our team members (including me!) to “have it all” by incorporating flexibility in our personal and professional lives.

As we head into our “Dancing Queen” (only 17) year, we want to thank our clients, colleagues, and friends who encourage and support our mission. We want to thank our families for their unending support of our pursuit of our sweet spot and helping to balance our home and work lives throughout this journey. Lastly, I want to personally thank our team members for everything they do to bring love and intelligence to our work and to keep driving us forward.

As we race toward our next milestone of 20 years, I look forward to ConvergenceCoaching being a part of the conversations and the change that our profession must face. I hope that we have many more opportunities to connect with you, our readers, and to continue to build new relationships with firms looking to elevate their leadership, better their practices, and build sustainability for the future.