“The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do.”
– Unknown

This year’s hurricanes, floods, fires, and mass shootings have been a sobering reminder of how easily lives can be impacted and changedThanksgiving provides each of us an opportunity to take stock and recognize that we are so very blessed -- especially when compared to those in significant need, trouble, sorrow or adversity. 

I am present and truly appreciative for my many blessings, including:

  • A fulfilling career where I get to make a difference for others and they make a difference for me
  • Deep and lasting client and team member relationships marked with honest conversations, laughter and real problem solving
  • Limitless family love and joy
  • Great health and the strength to undertake the work before me
  • A warm, safe home and plenty to eat
  • Financial independence

As I reflect on my bounty, I am reminded of Luke’s message, “To whom much is given, much is required.”  I pray that my team, my family and I will hear God’s call and pursue His wishes in our daily work. We must continually look for ways to give back.

We must also be good stewards of our blessings.  One of the areas that needs continual monitoring and investment is our health and well-being.  Regular exercise, a healthy diet and rigorous stress management are required to have the strength and stamina to do God’s work in the world.  What are you doing to stay healthy?  What steps are you taking to be younger next year?

We regularly write about wellness and believe it is an important attribute for great leaders.  I am troubled to see my friends and colleagues allow their health to decline and accept this as a consequence of aging or of general “busy-ness,” without taking steps to minimize the force of time against their body and mind.  If you haven’t already done so, I strongly encourage you to read Younger Next Year and to incorporate its ideas in your wellness plan for 2018.

And, if you want to get started earlier, please consider joining ConvergenceCoaching team members and many of our friends for our 2017 Holiday Exercise Streak, where we’ll be exercising the equivalent of 1 mile of running each day from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.  We have found streaking within a community to be great for the spirit, a lift for the metabolism and a way to keep the holiday bloat at bay.  Plus, when you keep your streak commitment, you’ll receive a great shirt to commemorate your accomplishment.

What do you count as your major blessings today?  What will you do to honor or maintain them? How will you give back?  Please write to us and let us know.

And thank you, from all of us to all of yours, for being one of our faithful readers.  We are truly grateful for our caring relationship with you.