Becoming a Great People and Business Developer (2-day workshop)

  • Learn new recruiting tools and strategies to find the best and brightest
  • Understand individual career motivators and the different generations at work and how to appeal to them
  • Learn to establish performance expectations and individual goals
  • Learn methods for delivering transformative performance feedback
  • Explore ways to escalate performance issues and when to know it’s not going to work
  • Identify one team member you will approach with feedback as a result of this discussion

During the second half of this workshop, we will explore:

  • Define the kind of marketer and business developer you are committed to be
  • Discuss the hierarchy of rainmaking activities including existing client relationships, building your sphere of influence, referral source development and personal marketing activities, including:
    • Methods for developing personal and professional rapport and gaining your clients’ and prospects’ confidence in sharing their true needs and wants
  • Explore traditional networking and social media to develop your sphere of influence and connection network
  • Discuss referral source marketing and how to get into action now
  • Learn how to track and manage your personal marketing activities so you can focus and produce results
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