As a coach, you carry an important role in progressing the future of the firm. You have a direct opportunity to influence the engagement of your coachees, help them set a vision for their professional future and make strides in achieving their career goals. Attend this workshop to explore how to increase your effectiveness as a people developer and mentor, including:

  • Understanding the role of being a coach and strategies to make it successful for all involved
  • Modeling your own receptivity to feedback and offering a “two-way street” so that feedback is taken in the spirit intended
  • Exploring important questions you should ask your coachees to understand their motivators and really know them
  • Learning strategies to develop agreed upon and focused goals with your coachees for their desired growth as a professional
  • Identifying experiential learning opportunities or “on the job” training to accelerate learning and achieve goals
  • Learning two methods and language for delivering feedback to your coachees, including how to address “awkward” feedback in those particularly sensitive situations

Leave this session with a renewed focus on being an impactful coach and strategies for engaging your coachees to further their growth and success at your firm.

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