Building a Truly Progressive, NextGen Firm

With the impending Baby Boomer retirement, the profession is facing significant change. Firms are challenged to now focus on the dreams, goals and desires of Generation X, Millennial and even Generation Z team members and clients. Leaders who recognize this shift and begin driving cultural change stand the best chance of remaining relevant, competitive and sustainable. Together we’ll explore strategies to proactively prepare for and drive changes  to ensure you retain your competitive advantage, including:

  • Engaging a leadership culture centered around letting go, “getting better,” being open to change and failing forward
  • Enhancing the value you bring to clients with a broader, advisory approach and technology to maximize the client experience
  • Empowering and engaging your talent including embracing flexibility and bringing young professionals along faster

Leave this session with ideas and tools to build a culture that inspires, excites and makes Next Gen talent and clients proud to work at – or with — your firm.

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