Business Development & Sales Skills Workshop (1-day workshop)

Attend this course and learn how to identify opportunities with your prospects and existing clients and then package and position your firm’s products and services so that they are understood and accepted. You will also learn how to identify and qualify opportunities while applying our proven sales methodology to your sales opportunities. In this workshop,  you will:

  • Recognize the emotions and needs that drive our clients to choose to work with us
  • List the methods for developing rapport, deepening relationships, and gaining clients’ and prospects’ confidence in sharing their true needs and wants
  • Distinguish qualification techniques and other identification methods to help you uncover client and prospect needs
  • Demonstrate approaches to articulate your solution, product, or service – and know when to “tell” versus “ask”
  • Describe closing approaches that will help you win engagements
  • Generate ideas for managing your personal sales processes and tracking and prioritizing your prospects so you can focus on the most strategic opportunities

Participants will identify one client or prospect opportunity they will approach as a result of this discussion, together with one commitment of a new behavior they will adopt.

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