Capitalizing on Social Media as a Strategic Communications Tool

With nearly 1.5 billion people using Facebook and over 380 million on LinkedIn, it’s safe to say that social media technologies have become mainstream in both our personal and professional lives. Most firms wonder if these technologies are contributing positively to productivity – or detracting from it. That’s when HR is called in – to help regulate employee use. But before you can develop a policy that’s going to meet your firm’s needs and culture, you have to first understand (or help develop) your firm’s strategy for deploying these powerful technologies to build your brand, attract employees, develop new business, and gather market intelligence. In this session, we will explore how you can help your firm:

  • Navigate and prioritize options for the strategic deployment of social media
  • Develop a social media policy to support your firm’s strategies
  • Conduct education to inform your employees and compel them to use the technologies in the way you’ve intended

Leave this session with a social media policy and strategy that encourages employee engagement and promotes your firm, too!

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