Clarifying Your Firm's Remote and Flex Philosophy

Workplace flexibility is a must-have in today’s employment arena. When firm leaders aren’t clear about their firm’s flexible and remote work philosophy among leaders and with their team members, they often experience a “gap” in the results they were hoping to accomplish. To maximize team engagement and attract the right people to your firm, it’s important to crystalize your firm’s “strategic position” along the spectrum of remote and flex cultures. In this session, you will: 

  • Recognize the expanse of remote and flex philosophies and program options from “we don’t care when and where you work” to “45 hours a week is required, and we expect to see you all five days in the office”  
  • Implement a brand “risk management assessment” of various positions along the spectrum of options 
  • Identify the steps to produce a clear “how we work” document to govern the way all team members “operate,” ensuring your team remains in communication, collaborative, and accessible and responsive to one another and clients 
  • Produce more committed and consistent support of your partners and managers, ensuring that their words and actions reflect your chosen remote and flex positioning 

Leave ready to create more realistic and unified expectations for your remote and flex approach! 

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