Closing The Gender Gap

Even though it can feel awkward to discuss, the gender gap still very much exists today. And, when the subject does arise, our discussions aren't honest enough to generate solutions to the issues that are at heart of the matter. In this session, we’ll explore real-life working-woman challenges that conspire to cause our profession's gender gap and generate at least one concrete action you can take to begin closing the gender gap in your firm. You will:

  • Understand the challenge of making women choose between success at home and success at work
  • Identify why there is a need for more women role models and removing the glass ceiling that impacts female promotability
  • Uncover the unconscious bias that exists that sometimes causes preferential treatment of some over others
  • Learn male/female stereotypes that enable traditional gender behavioral expectations to persist
  • Understand natural sexual tension that exists in the male/female relationship that can spill into the way people think and behave at work

Leave this session with a new awareness and ability to discuss unconscious bias and societal conditioning and identify specific actions you can take to close the gender gap.

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