Coming Together – The Art of Merging (1-day workshop)

Whether you’re bringing in a new partner from the outside, purchasing a niche specialty practice, or merging with another firm, navigating the nuances to ensure success can be tricky. In this session, we’ll remove the mystique of what it takes to bring two entities together so that you can enjoy the synergies of a larger, stronger practice. We will discuss best practices where you will:

  • Identify the due diligence that HAS to be done – and not just the financial aspects – to be sure you’re a fit or identify red flags to address before moving to the next phase
  • Understand the means for valuing the practice that will work today and in the future
  • Assess the elements of your partner agreement and your buy-sell agreement to ensure it addresses the critical components to minimize conflict in the future
  • List the steps to develop an integration plan to ensure rapid assimilation and collaboration
  • Assess the elements of a communications plan to share your strategies with your team, clients, and others in the right timing
  • Understand how to integrate your partners, teams, and clients so they think and act as one

Leave this session with a clear action plan of the steps you need to take to set you and your team up for a successful merger!

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