Deepening Your Client Relationships to Enhance Your Value (1-day workshop)

If asked, most of us would say that we’re committed to 100% client referenceability and client relationships that last a lifetime. Yet few of us really measure how we’re doing in this area or what else we can do to better serve our clients.

When you attend this session, you will learn how to maximize the value of your client relationships, beginning with your first meeting with a prospect during the sales process, and identify methods to:

  • Build rapport with prospects and clients by:
    • Asking the right questions
    • Applying real listening techniques
    • Uncovering common goals or elements that develop relatedness
    • Discovering your client’s goals, values, and work-style
  • Learn about your client’s business by understanding their industry and the unique challenges, cycles, and other impacts on their success
  • Become indispensable to your clients by being a trusted advisor – or coach – rather than just a “reporter” of historical information or deliverer of goods
  • Put processes in place to proactively understand what issues or challenges your client is facing and how you can help, including:
    • Client surveys
    • Meeting with your clients
    • Client management systems or databases
    • Cross-selling processes
  • Identify communications mechanisms that would enhance your client relationship
  • Develop internal communications strategies to keep others in your firm informed and current on your clients

Leave this session empowered to deepen – and secure – your client relationships while helping them achieve their goals!

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