Delivering Exceptional Client Service (1-day workshop)

In a professional services firm, our people make or break the quality our clients perceive. Still, we seem to take for granted that everyone knows the foundational elements of exceptional client As a result, we may not spend enough time training or communicating on this critical subject to explore the most important elements of exceptional client service. In this session, we will explore critical elements of client service and project management concepts, including:

  • Understanding and confirming the needs of your client
  • Managing your clients’ expectations effectively, including:
    • Scoping services and developing a budget to address those needs
    • Identifying milestones and managing progress against them using effective meeting and communication strategies
    • Managing budget against the original scope and milestones, including billing and relieving WIP
    • Managing and communicating scope changes when needed
    • Learning how to say no, or propose alternatives to what the client seems to be asking
  • Maintaining a high level of internal team communications so that all of your service providers are unified in the approach to service for each client
  • Managing client upsets and disappointments when they occur
  • Taking responsibility and learning from service failures
  • Learning how to ask for constructive feedback and take it, too

Leave this session with a more thorough understanding of the “art” of client service to genuinely differentiate your firm in the way you serve your clients and deliver value!

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