Designing an Impactful, Transformative Partner Retreat

For the last two years, leaders have been in crisis mode, navigating constantly shifting waters. As the horizon becomes clearer, leaders are ready to get together again and proactively chart their course forward. When planning your next partner retreat, incorporate ways to make it most impactful and difference-making. In this session, we will explore techniques to plan and execute transformative retreats including ways to:

  • Identify the objectives for the retreat – team building, visioning, strategic planning, learning, and/or problem-solving
  • Determine who should facilitate and participate in the retreat
  • Deploy various forms of data gathering and pre-work from various sources (inside and outside the firm) to help drive the agenda
  • Foster an environment that elicits open, honest, and transparent communication
  • Use different sharing and decision-making facilitation techniques to ensure all perspectives are heard and clarity is achieved
  • Leave with action items and assigned owners and follow up with a written recap

The entire marketplace is going through dramatic transformation. Impactful partner retreats will unify your team around your planned strategies to address change and communicate the priorities to the team to ensure readiness, responsiveness, and sustainability.

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