Developing a Strategy for Growth

Historically, firms and practice areas have grown opportunistically based on the prospects or projects that show up at the door. But in the current environment of almost-endless opportunity and limited capacity to serve it, smart leaders are recognizing that they have to make careful choices in who they serve. Ideally, you want to serve clients who value your expertise, work on projects that give you joy and drive profits to help firm earnings grow.

To grow more strategically, you'll want to drive the right growth with a marketing plan designed to educate internal stakeholders and create the brand and lead generation activities to produce real results. Your plan will position you in the market to attract the clients and project you most want, support activities like informing external referral sources, updating web copy and digital marketing efforts, drive team member marketing efforts. In this session, we'll explore a step-by-step process to build a Marketing Plan to rally your team and shape your marketing and sales efforts.

  • Defining a marketing strategy around the six P's of marketing
  • Identifying who should be involved in marketing planning
  • Recognizing the importance of socializing your plans for growth to get others on the same page

Leave this session empowered to build a clear plan to manage the right growth in your firm or practice area!

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