Developing Niche Opportunities (1-day workshop)

Every CPA or consulting firm that starts or acquires a niche practice does so with optimism and the intent to better serve their clients and increase firm profits. So why doesn’t it always work out that way? Committing to develop a niche and then doing so are significant undertakings that require strategic insight and then strong tactical execution. In this workshop, we’ll provide real-world solutions to the toughest challenges and traditional constraints you’ll find when starting and managing a niche consulting practice. We’ll begin by discussing how to determine which niche practices you should invest in to leverage the real opportunities available from your niche. In this 1-day workshop, we’ll provide you with tools and know-how to enable you to:

  • Identify your niche practice value proposition
  • Understand how to objectively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your niche
  • Discover ways to select your niches to maximize success
  • Apply important niche leadership behaviors
  • Understand staffing and resourcing for your niches
  • Learn methods to integrate your niche into the firm’s departments and service areas
  • List marketing and cross-selling strategies to ensure your niche success

Develop synergies between your core services group and niches to allow you to successfully grow new practices, and focus precious resources.

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