Developing Your Growth RoadMap: Planning for Success

Most firms have tried many planning methods, most notably conducting strategic planning retreats and developing “strategic plans” for their initiative or practice. Unfortunately, many discover that as the calendar rolls around, most of the great ideas they generated haven’t been implemented. At ConvergenceCoaching, LLC, we have developed a consistent and ongoing methodology for identifying and then implementing the priority actions that will make the most positive impact on your practice, department, or service line. In this session, we’ll explore this methodology and provide you the tools to:

  • Distinguish the elements and core constructs of a plan – for your firm, project, or even a client
  • Take an honest look at your practice, initiative, or service line
  • Quickly identify the highest impact actions you can take to grow or improve
  • Identify methods for organizing your team and communicating your plans
  • Develop a “corporate” process for accountability that ensures that those actions are taken and results are produced

Take your firm to its next level with a clear roadmap for success!

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