Effectively Transitioning Clients

CPA firms across the country are preparing for the retirement of thousands of talented Baby Boomer CPAs. Many elements of succession need attention, but one of the most important areas to manage is effective client transition. In addition, all client service professionals, no matter their age, should ensure that their clients have multiple contacts and relationships within the firm. When you operate this way, you overcome objections and client transition becomes a regular and normal occurrence for team members and clients both! The learning objectives for this course are to:

  • Identify the "best" time to start transitioning and recognize that it might be when you’re selling the engagement
  • List the five steps involved in effectively transitioning a client to a new owner
  • Recognize how to identify and develop the appropriate successor for each client
  • Identify methods and timing for client discussions to ensure their buy-in to your plans

The future sustainability of your firm depends on your successful client transition. Leave this session armed with the information you need to plan and execute your firm's client transitions effectively.

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