Effectively Transitioning Responsibility from One Generation to Another

Firms across the country are preparing for (or are already facilitating) the retirement of thousands of Baby Boomers. Many elements of succession need attention, but one of the most important areas to address is the effective transition of responsibility. Transition affects far more than the retiree, because their transition creates a ripple effect that cause all others in the organization to shed responsibility, too. Ideally, firms make transition an ongoing process, starting when individuals grow as leaders and delegate responsibilities to others so they can step into new things. In this session we'll discuss answers to the most common transition questions those engaged in transition ask. Attend this course where you will:

  • Identify the best time to start transitioning
  • Recognize the mindset required to either let go or step up
  • List specific approaches and best practices that facilitate a smoother transition
  • Apply a strategy to identify the most appropriate successor
  • Outline the best time to communicate to staff, clients and/or other external stakeholders

Your ability to grow depends on your ability to successfully transition. Leave this session armed with the information you need to plan and execute your transitions effectively.

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