Finding a Needle in a Haystack - Experienced Hire Recruiting

This course is for HR and Operations leaders, Firm Administrators, Managing Partners, Department Heads and Executive Committee Members.

Finding the best and brightest can be a challenge in any market, but with today's talent shortage, it's harder than ever. Attend this session to learn real-life, innovative recruiting strategies, garnered from our work with some of the best HR professionals in accounting. Identify ways to elevate your recruiting efforts and source those difficult-to-find experienced hires more effectively. In this discussion, we'll explore:

  • Shifting your philosophy and overcoming common barriers that get in the way of effective experienced hire recruiting
  • Developing a community of prospective employees and making your firm's brand known
  • Undertaking proactive experienced hire tactics that work right now

Leave this session with ideas to enhance your ability to add talent to fuel your firm's future growth.


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