Finding Your Voice as an HR Professional in Firm Strategy

All too often, Human Resources is asked to help implement a firm strategy or policy without having input prior to the decisions being made. Or, you find yourself in the middle of strategic or philosophical disconnects between key leaders or departments, attempting to mediate behind closed doors without feeling empowered to truly solve the issues. In this session, we will discuss ways to elevate HR so you are able to actively participate in driving firm strategy, facilitate open and honest conversations, and have a bigger impact on your firm’s overall success. In this session, we will:

  • Discuss things that cause the HR professional to not be heard as someone who should consistently sit at the partner table
  • Explore a strategic planning methodology that you can deploy to help uncover disparate viewpoints and unify your team around specific strategies
  • Identify accountability strategies that can ensure all levels feel responsible to perform on their portions of any plan
  • Understand methods to minimize triangulation in your role and drive partners or key leaders to communicate more openly with one another

Leave this session with a plan to help enhance your role as a strategic advisor and performance driver in your firm.

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