Great Firms Have a Vision For the Future! What’s Yours?

Firms that continually refine their vision for the future enjoy increased engagement, inspiration, and unity. The clarity of direction that comes from a vision enables your leaders to make difficult decisions and take calculated risks that fit with your intended direction. Team members know where the firm is headed, what their role is in getting the firm there, and are able to focus and drive the firm forward. Yet so many firms are unable to articulate a clear and compelling vision for the future. Learn why in this session where the learning objectives are to:

  • Recognize ways to identify, attract, and qualify referral relationships
  • List methods for ensuring success in your ongoing referral relationships, including staying in regular discussion about the latest ways they can help your clients
  • Apply the right tracking method (based on your firm's current systems) so that you can be accountable and report on your success

Leave this session with enough information to enhance the quality and success of your referral relationships!

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