Having It All:  Managing a High-Performance, Flexible Work Environment

Increased competition for talent requires new and innovative employee engagement strategies. At the top of the list for many is the ability to work at a time and place of our choosing. This demand for Anytime, Anywhere Work™ is driving accounting firm leaders to give up their attachment to traditional values like "face time" and mandated office hours and move to a more flexible, work-from-anywhere model. After completing this course, you will be able to create a more time-and-place independent environment by:

  • Recognize old norms and "gotchas" that will inhibit flexibility as well as mindset shifts necessary to overcome them
  • List management must-haves to maintain service quality and firm profitability as you make the shift towards a more flexible work environment
  • Apply strategies to more clearly manage expectations - yours, theirs, and the clients'
  • Identify communication and accountability techniques to ensure success
  • Recognize key technology enables that facilitate collaboration, connections, and productivity
  • Apply methods for addressing issues when flex is not win-win-win for all involved

Leave this session armed with new strategies to operate in a time-and-place independent paradigm!

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