ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC Leadership Development Program for Seniors and Supervisors™

CPE: Up to 13 credit hours in the areas of Personal Development and Marketing and Communications

ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC Leadership Development Program for Seniors and Supervisors™ is an opportunity for seniors and supervisors in accounting and consulting firms to learn foundational leadership skills and grow their personal effectiveness and productivity. Over the course of seven weeks, participants will engage in four live remote roundtables and one self-study course on the following topics:

Leading From the Middle We all influence others, regardless of our roles. Every day, you have the opportunity to engage and inspire others, just by who you are being. Are you being the type of leader you would want to follow? Attend this session to explore ways to elevate your leadership, including:

  • Becoming self-aware  by exploring your strengths and shortcomings and how you manage yourself accordingly
  • Learning how to solicit and embrace feedback on your performance so that you can grow
  • Understanding your role and gaining confidence in being a senior or supervisor in your firm
  • Leading with generosity and operating from a leadership mindset

Leave this session with enhanced emotional intelligence to step up your leadership game!

Fostering Ownership on Your Jobs In your role, you're likely both the giver and receiver of delegated tasks. When you exhibit and convey ownership of assignments, you produce and achieve so much more than the expected results! Attend this session to:

  • Explore ways to exhibit ownership on your assigned tasks and within your role
  • Learn a method for effectively delegating to and receiving delegation from others
  • Understand ways to take ownership for your career progression

Complete this segment ready to convey ownership to others so you can take on more yourself.

Becoming an Excellent Communicator There is no such thing as a silent leader. If you want to influence others and make your ideas heard, you must be able to effectively communicate. If you want to address what's important to others, listening is critical, too. In this session, we'll:

  • Identify strategies for actively listening so that you learn from what you hear
  • Understand methods for communicating more effectively to ensure your message gets across, especially in a remote or blended environment
  • Recognize common pitfalls in verbal and written communication
  • Learn one method for delivering feedback constructively to others

Leave this session with actions you can begin immediately to increase your impact as a leader.

Increasing Your Professional Visibility and Reach Building relationships early in your career provides you numerous benefits. You're more likely to have influence over the types of clients you work with, deeper client relationships, more new client needs, greater buy-in to your ideas for the firm and more opportunities for growth and progression. In this session, we'll:

  • Explore ideas for networking internally to foster relationships with colleagues and firm leaders
  • Define ways to build relationships and trust with clients
  • Understand an approach for developing your external networking strategy

Leave this session with ideas to raise your profile and build a valuable network!

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