Make Succession a Strategic Process (1-day workshop)

Whether you or someone in your firm is nearing retirement age, being promoted, considering a sabbatical, or just concerned about the fact that you’re carrying too much responsibility for your firm, the issue of succession planning is probably weighing on your mind. Worse yet, the topic may feel overwhelming to address. We think you may be putting off your succession planning unnecessarily – it’s easier to get started than you think. Attend this session to gain strategies for hurdles that prevent most firms from success planning, including:

  • Overcoming the psychological barriers involved in retirement
  • Creating and managing an operational transition plan
  • Identifying successors for the retiree’s clients, referral sources, and internal assignments
  • Establishing knowledge transfer and mentoring relationships that work
  • Developing new roles that leverage retirees’ wisdom and abilities
  • Aiding the retiree in creating a powerful possibility for their future
  • Managing setbacks as they occur

Leave this session with clear actions you can take to make succession a strategic and ongoing process in your firm!

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