Making the Transition from Manager to Partner, from Employee to Owner

Running an accounting firm can be a wonderfully creative, lucrative entrepreneurial effort that also drives high job satisfaction. But making the transition from staff member to firm leader can be challenging, and there are no two paths that are exactly alike. Added to that, most firms haven’t yet developed a clear path to partner for their next generation to follow. Explore your personal partnership by:

  •  Reviewing typical path-to-partner attributes and assessing yourself
  • Identifying ways you can distinguish yourself inside your firm
  • Investing in up-and-comers and building a base of supportive future leaders
  • Understanding how your thinking and mindset will need to shift from that of a staff member to that of an owner
  • Developing very specific next steps you can take to lead at a higher level and encourage growth from those around you

Leave this session with new leadership behaviors and specific actions you can put in place to elevate yourself and your contribution to your firm.

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