Managing a High-Performance, Flexible Team (1-day workshop)

This workshop can be segmented into a virtual webinar series, a single-subject conference session, half-day and full-day workshops.

Work/life balance and flexibility are two of the top five “stay” factors for talent, according to Inside Public Accounting’s Road to Retention survey. Most firms say they’re committed to providing flexible work arrangements; however, many are still struggling to fully embrace flex and remote at all levels and in all service areas of the firm. As remote and flexible work options become the norm, and as talent can choose other organizations who offer both, firm leaders must learn to manage teams and engagements with mixed schedules independent of location. Ultimately, flex must become a cultural non-negotiable. In this one-day interactive workshop, you’ll:

  • Shift your mindset and identify old norms and “gotchas” that inhibit flexibility
  • Define flex as a two-way street that works for team members, leadership, clients and the firm
  • Identify management must-haves to maintain service quality and engagement profitability in a flexible and virtual work environment
  • Establish clear communication and accountability expectations to ensure success
  • Define the technology needed and other enablers to facilitate effective collaboration
  • Address issues when flex is not win-win-win

Attend this workshop to further your ability to manage, collaborate and deliver service in new, time- and place-independent ways.

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